Thursday, November 19, 2015

Studying and Tests

Apply study techniques and prepare for the test.
Going over notes and work should have an important place in the study schedule. Regular sessions should be planned as so:
·         Start each study session going over the previous one
·         End each week by going over everything from the week
·         End each month by going over everything from the month
·         End every semester by going over everything from the semester
·         End the year by going over the whole year
This, each topic will be gone over five times, which will permit the strengthening of ability to memorize material and go over the connections made between the material itself and other topics.  After the first session, the ability to remember the learned material quickly disappears.  Going over something more than just once gives the ability to remember up to 100%.
Characteristics of Material to Go Over
In ideal circumstances, notes taken when studying something for the first time should be adequate to go over.  Use the final revision session in two ways.
Stage 1: Abbreviate notes
Stage 2: Go over the abbreviated notes
Characteristics of Learning Revision
Revising is simply going over material that was previously understood
Revision Methods
·         Auto-evaluate at regular intervals
·         Try some problems that had not been attacked beforehand
·         Write outlines for possible essays
·         Use memorization methods like reciting, reading, or simply verbally memorizing notes
·         Talk to someone about the topic
·         Verify your comprehension of the notes
·         Question yourself on what you learned

Preparing for Exams
At this stage in the present year, you should know enough to apply to exams.  But there are one or two additional points that should be considered:
Examining the Exam
Way before going to the exam, it is essential to know what type of exam it is
Practicing for the Exams
Be sure that the first part of testing or auto-evaluating is at least a month before the actual test.
The Real Exam
The preparation for this exam begins the day before.  You should have everything necessary ready.
Once the exam has started, you know the test and you should keep the following in mind:
First read the instructions carefully,
Answer the easiest questions first and the harder or more doubtful ones after.
Exams make anyone tense; under those circumstances, it is very easy to make mistakes.  That being, there should be time left to go over the test after it is finished.  This is much better and then remembering the answer to a question once you have already turned in the exam.

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